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Best Workout For Pregnancy

There’s no debate that exercise can help your pregnancy, delivery and recovery. But with a growing and changing body, what can we do that is comfortable and still makes us feel strong?

PILATES is a great option! Rachel Algra, owner at Firehaus Pilates, sat down to chat with us. Scroll down for our videos!

What every pregnant woman should know about working out:

1. When abs, back and pelvic floor muscles are strong, they support a comfortable pregnancy and delivery. AND a faster recovery!

2. Pilates is also very adaptable. Almost every exercise can be modified to keep the burn and benefit without harming your body or baby.

3. For the last trimester of pregnancy, we do not recommend exercising flat on your back, or with your feet higher than your head. However there are many perfectly safe modifications that can still make exercise possible!




Rachel was first introduced to Pilates after experiencing years of chronic pain and undergoing multiple surgeries. The combination of Pilates and physical therapy helped her regain a normal lifestyle.  She is now passionate about teaching Pilates not only in the rehabilitation industry, but to those in every walk of life! Rachel opened her practice in 2010 and has spent many years working side by side with doctors and physical therapists on a variety of conditions.  Not long after opening her practice, she started to see a great need for women’s health education. In 2011 Rachel became Polestar© Certified in Women’s Health, with training ranging from pregnancy to pelvic floor dysfunction.  Her current Denver Highlands studio, Firehaus Pilates, places a huge emphasis on women’s wellness, empowering women of every age to be advocates for their own healthcare!

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