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  • Denver Mom Me Experience
    The Reasons Why

    Getting to my best

    Confession. There is a reason I am obsessing over not settling. The reason is that I have not been at my best. I created this series on self care and standing up for…

  • The Reasons Why

    Mamas Shouldn’t Settle, Part 1 of 4

    This game of parenting has twists and turns. I was thrown off my game when I discovered that experience breastfeeding one child didn’t necessarily ensure success breastfeeding another. My left nipple tore…

  • The Reasons Why

    The Mommy Retreat

    I had just five weeks to put together the Great Cloth Diaper Change and Expo this year. It was a whirlwind to communicate to sponsors; organize swag bags, raffles, and tickets; recruit…

  • The Reasons Why

    Grateful to Me.

    In my experience, gratitude can be hard. We run around and forget about all the blessings life holds. Or we focus on what we don’t have instead of all that we do.…

  • People We Like

    Nurturing YOU

    Last night I attended Nurturing the Nurturer, a life-changing post-partum support group that meets in Lakewood monthly. (I posted about it here) The topic was around Nurturing…what does it mean to us? Who and how…