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  • Moms Who Know

    Guest Post: What I Learned After #2

    This continues our guest post series on expanding families from mothers in our Denver Natural Mom community. Thank you Rachael for sharing! Read the first post about expanding families here.  What I Learned…

  • People We Like

    Community at the Breastival

    This Saturday July 30th is the First Annual Colorado Breastival, a free event to celebrate all families and kick off World Breastfeeding Week. A number of community groups will also be there…

  • Your Baby's Brain
    Stuff To Know

    Your Baby’s Brain

    How does your baby’s brain develop? Why do some children develop learning disorders such as dyslexia, when others do not? What factors influence healthy infant brain growth? How could we use this…

  • The Baby Formula Expert
    Moms Who Know, Stuff To Know

    Choosing A Baby Formula

    Your pediatrician is generally not the best person to help you in choosing a baby formula. Like most MD’s, they are not trained in nutrition or specifically infant nutrition. I was thrilled to learn…

  • Stuff To Know

    Marijuana During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

    This is a guest post from Elephant Circle, a consumer-based, reproductive justice organization dedicated to circling around parents and families with innovation, support and resources. Each Colorado family that uses legal marijuana must understand and…

  • Moms Who Know

    The Skinny on Skin to Skin

    No one will debate that having babies is life-changing. How much they change your life is unique to each mother. Katie Halverstadt was so impacted by giving birth via emergency C-section and…

  • People We Like

    Amanda Ogden Interview

    I had the chance to sit down with Amanda Ogden this week who graciously shared her expertise with Denver Natural Mom. She is such an amazing resource for all moms, from those…