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Surviving a Social Media Blackout

Give up social media for a week. Instead, strive for personal and intentional connections with those who are truly part of your network.

This is an example of a lifestyle practice, one component of the Whole Life Challenge. Others focus on gratitude, journaling, and performing intentional acts of kindness.


While the Whole Life Challenge addresses nutrition and physical activity, this lifestyle piece tends to push me out of my comfort zone the most. It’s part of why I get so excited for the WLC to roll around, as it will in just a week!


Being part of our online Natural Mom team means you’ll log your score and share a reflection on how it’s all going for you. We encourage each other, share recipes that are particularly tasty and healthy, and tricks for squeezing in stretching and exercise into busy mom lives.


This will be my 9th challenge and I’ve gotten great results for working hard. I’ve also participated when it’s been a particularly busy season for my family and my improvements (I prefer measurements and photos to numbers on the scale) are just so-so. No matter where you are, even if you’re feeling super motivated in this new year, something can be gained from slowing down to think about what we eat, how we move, the water we drink and what we’re grateful for. See some of my results from past challenges.

**Bare minimum commitment to participate in the challenge**

Exercise for at least 10 minutes. I totally count dog walks.

Stretch for 10 minutes.

Choose a nutrition level that’s doable for you even just giving up obvious not-good-for you foods like beer, soda, chips, etc.

Commit to a water consumption and sleep goal that works for YOUR life and will be a challenge for YOU. For some moms, it might be a goal of 6 hours depending on what your nighttime parenting commitments are. It’s still awesome to be mindful of bringing a water bottle out with you to make that goal.

Points just for logging into the game portal every day and sharing a reflection. Easiest 5 points all day!


I go back to the social media blackout. I thought it would be so excruciatingly hard to give up Facebook stalking random people from college and thumbing through Instagram and seeing all my friends’ cute babies and composed meals. It turns out I felt free. In the time I would normally be on my phone, I spent it looking around, breathing, present in my own life, with my own kids.


Even after that week was over and the lifestyle practice moved on to something else, and even after the WLC ended months ago, I kept my notifications off. Now some days go by where I don’t open my FB app even once!


If you’re ready to learn more about the WLC, you can do that here. There are no shakes, no meal plans, no supplements, no prescribed workouts. It’s accessible and personalized for where you are and what your goals are. And totally safe for breastfeeding and pregnancy.  I promise that your teammates will be real moms just doing and being the best they can be.


If you’re ready to join us you can do that here.


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