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Sex After Baby…No Judgment Zone

When I met Lily Zehner of The Center for Authentic Intimacy last month, I just had to bring her wisdom to Denver Natural Mom.  Motherhood and SEX don’t seem to go hand in hand so we need an expert like her to remind us that we can still care for our children while also being satisfied and satisfying to our partners.

You don’t want to miss this interview! Lily gives awesome tips that you can try today, like how to start practices of self-love that will help you feel sexier for your partner:

  1. Take time for yourself
  2. Get comfortable being naked by yourself first
  3. Appreciate your body and all that it has done
  4. Make neutral statements about yourself in the mirror and when you’re ready, add in some positives
  5. Think about how your body feels based on the food you eat, the ways you move and what you wear.
  6. Work with your partner to create a list of the things they find sexy about you!

Here’s the FULL audio…

Minute 3: What Sex Therapy Is and Isn’t

Minute 5: Pregnancy and Intimacy: Big belly and all 🙂

Minute 10: What is Non-Sex Sex?? and Why We ALL Should Be Having It!

Minute 11:20: Q:How do I get my husband to stop wanting sex all the time!? 

Minute 17:30: Q:I just had a baby. I don’t feel sexy! HELP!

Minute 22: My yoga pant obsession is now justified!

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