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Dinnertime is sacred.

Want to make it easier to be with your family around the dinner table?

Prefare is on a mission to save families time and money with their gourmet meal kits.

Meal kits delivered to your door is nothing new. There seem to be new companies popping up all the time, but do you really want your pre-chopped chicken and vegetables to travel all the way across the country?

Prefare is here in Colorado and serves the entire Denver metro area, including Boulder and Castle Rock. The food is sourced locally, prepped locally and driven to your door not by a massive international shipping company but by a human in a regular car.

Ingredients come without tons of unnecessary baggies and boxes. In fact all of the containers are recyclable, if not compostable.

This addressed my #1 beef with other meal delivery services: too much waste!

My other complaints with the competition (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Green Chef):

  • Too much prep!

There’s a time and a place for a citrus zest, and the average Tuesday night just isn’t it!

  • Meals that didn’t appeal to my child

Every week Prefare offers a kid friendly option.

  • Getting locked into a subscription

Prefare allows you to order a la carte because every week is different!


Try Prefare yourself!

Sign up now for two free dinners with code “denver121” at

Coupon Code will expire on May 5, 2017 at midnight!

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