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How to Plan for Life

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Bowles, do your family a big favor and spend 15 minutes watching this interview. You’ll learn what estate planning involves and how you can get started.

Bonnie is definitely the kind of person you want on your team. She has built her practice Wills and Wellness around helping families; in fact she changed the course of her legal career to be able to do just that!

I had to edit out a lot of my ramblings in this interview. I was trying to be poignant about preparing for unexpected circumstances. I tried (and failed) to say something inspiring about why we shouldn’t wait to plan the care of our families in the event we aren’t around or capable to care for them ourselves. I’m lucky that Bonnie reminded me this is really about planning for life. And “life” is happening all around us, to all of us, all of the time.

I like to think of myself as prepared. My husband and I had wills when we first got married. We soon learned that these documents were not going to cover all our bases, especially now that we are parents.

Bonnie explains that a will is not enough. It says who gets what and who is in charge to make sure that happens. However it does not address who gets your kids in an emergency. It doesn’t allow you to protect your kids’ inheritance. And it doesn’t avoid court.

She also gives us the reminder that estate planning is not just the legal framework. It’s important that we put together a legacy for our children: our insights, values, stories and experiences. The team at Wills and Wellness will actually facilitate this process with video and audio recordings and store them for you, too. This is an awesome service (as I realize not every family is going to have their own vimeo channel.)

Hear Bonnie tell you why and how you can be planning for life.

You can also watch Bonnie’s latest TV appearance by clicking here or find the next talk she’s giving around Denver:

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