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Peeing your pants is not normal

We were thrilled to talk to Dr. Jen Anderson is a physical therapist specializing in women’s health.

Listen and learn:

Minute 3 — why would a MAN need pelvic floor rehabilitation?

Minute 5 — what new and recent moms can do to prevent problems with baby #2 or problems 40 years from now

Minute 8 — Kegels ARE NOT the universal fix-all to all pelvic floor issues

Minute 14 — how your period and estrogen contribute to changes in your pelvis

Minute 16 — even a perfectly healthy birth inflicts SOME damage on your pelvic floor muscles

Minute 22 — Motherhood is taxing on your body…what to do about lugging baby and all their gear

Super exciting! Jen is offering a FREE lecture on pelvic floor issues next Saturday, September 6!

Eventbrite - Move Over Diamonds...The Pelvic Floor is a Girl's NEW Best Friend!

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