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November Nookie Tip

I got to talk to Lily Zehner of the Center for Authentic Intimacy for more advice from our sex, intimacy and relationship expert!

From the top, we discuss the graphic… It’s work to get dolled up, but it seems like we get as much out of it as our partners do!

Minute 8:  Would you use an App to keep your partnership or marriage more sexy?

Lily tells us we look at our phones at least 150 times a day, so why not use your phone to enhance your relationship? She knows the creators behind the app Passionly gives date night ideas and you can use it to flirt with each other, plan a getaway together, and much more! It will be out for iPhone in January and Android in February. Lily’s tried it herself and suggests we all check it out here: Lily’s full writeup is on her blog here.

Minute 14: Lube is Love. Direct Quote from our expert as she details what specific brand of lube  she recommends! What’s the difference between water and silicon based lubricant and what is a hybrid?  And though we natural moms use coconut oil on everything, why it’s not the best for lube!

Don’t forget to get all your questions answered!

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