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Getting to my best


There is a reason I am obsessing over not settling. The reason is that I have not been at my best.

I created this series on self care and standing up for what we need because right now I am trying to stand up for what I need in my life. (And yes I brought you along for the ride.)

I admitted to the world that going from 1 to 2 kids has been a game changer but I also know it’s a little bit more than that. On Friday’s video I used the word miserable.

I haven’t been feeling great physically and I see now that emotionally I’m not in the best place either. So during my interview with Ann Kaplan, she admitted to me that she was faking it all the time, bells went off. (You can see it on my face in the video!)

So how do I know something is off?

I feel like my family is frantic, rushing from one thing to the next and unless I really think hard about it, I can’t tell when things are fun. On days I’m supposed to be enjoying my children, I’m watching the clock every afternoon, excited for my husband to get home and relieved for us to tackle dinner, bath and bedtime together. And for it to be late enough in the day that it’s socially acceptable to pour a BIG glass of wine.

Public Service Announcement: Wine is fun. Joking about “mommy juice” seems to be acceptable and funny. However, wanting the release of alcohol is not OK.  And for me, feeling like I need it every night means something more is going on.

This is not parenting with joy.

This is not me feeling like I’m living my best life. It’s definitely not my girls experiencing a present mother.

I have a ton of guilt typing these words. But I also know this is a story I should tell.

Ann talks about the choices we make as moms. And how we push pause on certain parts of our lives in order to be parents. Maybe it’s a career, travel, or having lots of friends.

What’s left is a gap where something awesome used to be!

Ann tells me that I can actually live in a way that my choices fill the gaps. That my choice to be a mother can be authentic and fulfilling. That it’s not a source of frustration or longing.

Enter the Mom-Me Experience, a program for any parent who feels overwhelmed or unsatisfied to get them feeling like themselves again. These are the strategies I need so desperately that when Ann asked me to tell you all about her workshop on May 7, it felt like the Universe sending me a lifeboat!

I hope you’ll learn more about the Mom-Me workshop and if you decide to join us, you’ll get 10% off your ticket by using the coupon code “natural.”

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