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Mama Review: Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Formula

The struggle is real.

Parents, you know what I am talking about. Trying to get your children to eat something nutritious, something other than Mac and Cheese or chicken nuggets.   And trust me when I say I have tried.

In my case, to add insult to injury, my daughter wants nothing to do with dairy. She recently had her 18-month check-up where the doctor emphasized she needs to get more vitamins and nutrients in her diet. Thank God she did not see me roll my eyes in frustration at the thought of trying to get this 18-month old (going on 13-years old might I add) to eat better.

I was recently scrolling through Facebook and I see a local mom blogger, Denver Natural Mom, asking if anyone would like to try this goat’s milk formula or yogurt. I could not type the words “I will” and hit ‘post’ any quicker. I was chosen! Score!

Goat’s Milk

I did not even know what brand I was getting. I just knew it was goat’s milk and I was excited to see if my daughter would take it. I had heard in the past that goat’s milk was easier to digest, especially for the little ones, while still being just as healthy as cow’s milk.

The formula and yogurt arrived in the mail a few days later. The brand was Kabrita. My daughter helped me open the box, and she got excited looking at the yogurt! It was a great start.

I opened a pouch and let her try it. She sipped some, thought about it, and sipped some more (and more) until the pouch was empty. It was Mango Peach flavored. She ended up liking all of the flavors we got from Kabrita. Her favorite were Mango Peach, Mixed Berry, and Sweet Potato Apple & Cinnamon. I do recommend chilling them first as they seem to like it better. It was cute when I even found my son (who is four years old), in his room, in his tent, eating two pouches (that he snuck out of the fridge). I could not have asked for a better situation, both kids eating something that is healthy? Yes, it was happening!

A few days later, we tried Kabrita’s goat’s milk toddler formula.  I introduced it to my daughter slowly as she drank nothing but breastmilk and water prior. She now drinks it once a day, in the evening while we read books. It’s become our routine. Before seeing the Facebook post, I would have never thought of goat’s milk as an alternative to cows milk. It has been a game changer for my children’s health, and I have the reassurance that they are getting the nutrients they need to grow. Mom: 1, Pickiness: 0 (I am winning!)

Thanks to Amanda Fairrington and her kids for their honest review of these products! Amanda is such an asset to our local community as a childbirth educator, child passenger safety technician, birth doula and babywearing educator! You can reach Amanda at

You can learn more about all the Kabrita products and try them as part of this special offer:



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