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How to Hire a Nanny

Any working parent knows how important it is to find someone trustworthy and reliable to take care of your little ones. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to focus on our jobs if we are concerned about what might be going on with our kiddos!


When it comes to finding the right childcare provider,Maggie of Kiddie Up Nannies getting strategies from friends and neighbors is probably not your safest bet. I’d ask an expert like Maggie Broadrick.


She’s been placing nannies with families in Denver for 5 years and if you ask her what she provides these clients, she’ll probably compare it to changing her oil…


“I could go on Youtube and learn how to change the oil in my car. Or I could take it to an expert who knows exactly what’s involved and exactly what to avoid. It’s worth it to me to pay someone who knows what they’re doing.”


And now parents can know exactly what they’re doing with this process as Maggie has taken all the tools used day in and day out in her agency and made them available for parents to use themselves.


This is the Nanny Toolkit. It includes everything a parent needs from job descriptions, where to post the job opening, and information on pay, insurance and taxes. It even includes a background check!


Here’s Maggie describing the challenges of hiring a nanny without any guidance:

And what about these nanny shares that sound like such a great money-saving idea?


If you’re ready to check out all the Nanny Toolkit has to offer, you can learn more here.

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