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Eco Mom Speaks!

We were so lucky to chat with Emily Pugliese, mom to Sammy and MASTER (really) of Environmental Policy.

We talked about cloth diapering and the chemicals we should all avoid putting on our bodies and around our homes. Here’s the run down:

  • What did Emily invest in her cloth diaper stash and what does her diaper washing routine look like?
    • Links to her favorite Colorado based cloth diaper companies: BB Cloth and Rumparooz.
  • TIPS for dealing with POO — Minute 13:30
  • How to remove stains naturally — Minute 15:45
  • Some detergent recommendations — Minute 18:40
  • Safe products for baby, mom, home — Minute 21:30
  • How to read labels and avoid GREEN-WASHING — Minute 24

I would love to talk to Emily again and ask her YOUR questions…send them in to!

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