The Reasons Why

My motto: Connect. Learn. Support

I’m going to tell you what this website and Denver Natural Mom is all about. This post is long overdue. I started this site 10 months ago, so shouldn’t I have been clear with you all from Day One as to what I do and why I’m here?

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure. I didn’t think I had any special perspective to share with the world, but I knew there were people out there with great expertise that matters to moms and I wanted to share that as much as I could. So the platform Denver Natural Mom was born.

And now I am sure. I’m sure of what I stand for and what I want this community to represent. So here goes:

Connect. Learn. Support.

I strive to deliver high quality content from experts in their field. I pass on to my subscribers special deals, sneak peeks, and other exclusive offers. You get all this just for following and being a part of this community.

I also try to clue other moms in to life-changing service providers. Who are those resources we turn to for support, consultations, and the tactical back up? Sometimes I interview these practitioners and sometimes they let me post articles from their blogs.

Ultimately, education is the cornerstone of Denver Natural Mom. So our Events page lists workshops, classes and expos that we are organizing and producing as well as events around town at other locations that support our mission of supporting parents through learning and connecting.


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