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Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health

I thought I had at least a basic understanding of Chinese medicine. After all, I’ve had acupuncture before. Let’s just say I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That became very clear just minutes into a conversation with Michelle Luiz and Margaret Jacobsen of the Yao Clinic.

Traditional acupuncture as part of chinese medicineChinese Medicine encompasses more than just acupuncture. Northern China developed needling and in Southern China where plants grew plentifully, physicians used herbs to treat illness and disease. Only in the last century, when China was unified under Mao Zedong were the disciplines brought together and exported to the world as Chinese medicine. Diet is also a major component.

I learned that in China when acupuncture is prescribed, patients get treatment 4-5x a week! For most health issues, we have to address internal health. Chinese internal health involves taking herbs every day (and adjusting what and when we eat) to really supplement and support a weekly or bi-weekly acupuncture treatment.

What really struck me about the philosophy for Michelle and the other clinicians at Yao is the customized and individual approach to care for every person. They have an in-depth new patient process with a long medical history, looking at any labwork, reviewing it with Daniel Hudson, the Chief Clinician, an acupuncture treatment and a custom formulation of Chinese herbs.

Chinese herbs

Michelle says that when she tells people she meets that she is an herbalist, they ask her which herb would she recommend for a given symptom and that’s just not the way Chinese herbs work! It’s one or multiple herbs to treat the root of the problem, one or multiple herbs to treat the symptoms that particular person is experiencing and then more herbs to balance out the whole formula. It’s not uncommon to have 40 or more herbs in just one person’s formula! The Yao Clinic boasts the largest herbal pharmacy in Colorado, so their ability to blend a formula specific to your needs is unmatched.

I put together this quick video where Michelle talks about:

  • What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
  • While there’s a time and place for Western pharmaceuticals, they don’t believe that we should rely on those drugs forever.
  • How our bodies will heal, if we give it the right environment to heal
  • How a woman’s period gives us a close look inside our bodies
  • What happens when we come off birth control?
  • What does an “optimal” period look like?
  • My period is totally different after having a baby!
  • Why we don’t have to live with any symptom that makes us unhappy.
  • How to reach Michelle for a quick and free 15-minute phone call to talk about your health

Michelle has been very transparent about her own struggles with Post Partum Imbalance, including intrusive thoughts. She shares how she felt after her first baby was born in this blog post.

YAO has put together a discounted package of treatments (that also include a massage and facial) called the New Mommy Package. You can learn more about it here:

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