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    Get Your Birth Door Checked

    Mamas Shouldn’t Settle, Part 3 of 4. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. Carrying and birthing babies is no small feat. It’s work for our muscles AND can change the bones…

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    Community at the Breastival

    This Saturday July 30th is the First Annual Colorado Breastival, a free event to celebrate all families and kick off World Breastfeeding Week. A number of community groups will also be there…

  • Photo: Art by Jessica Denver
    People We Like

    Photography for Natural Birth

    Q&A with Photo: Art by Jessica As parents in Denver, we have been lucky with a thriving birth photography scene. Our birthing locations are all accustomed to these professionals being on the birth team,…

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    ABCs of Organization

    What if you were about to adopt a long-awaited baby? But then found out the foster family was going to separate the siblings, so you ended up adopting that baby AND their…

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    How to Plan for Life

    If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Bowles, do your family a big favor and spend 15 minutes watching this interview. You’ll learn what estate planning involves and how you…

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    Our Baby Sleep Saga

    Here’s my extremely scientific metaphor for getting your baby to sleep. It’s the Wild West… There are no rules. You may think there are rules. You may read books that tell you the…

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    Ready To Rock the Holidays?

    Sometimes we need reminders to keep it simple! That’s what I loved so much about this guest post from Kathleen, a parenting specialist, who helps us with: Five Super Simple Ways to…

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    Bonding With Baby Before Birth

    If you are pregnant or contemplating a pregnancy, this is a CAN’T MISS interview.  Did you know that a mother’s thoughts and feelings create chemical signals that literally form her baby’s brain?…