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Business is hard. Really hard.

I got permission from a billionaire businessman to get personal with you.  Marcus Lemonis says that transparency is everything. So here goes…

My 1 year old baby of a company is broke.

I went all in on the Natural Parent Expo last month and the market taught me many lessons about ticket pricing and about going after an audience of first-time mamas and that maybe what I’m trying to provide is not what the market actually wants.

I’m scared.

Scared that this year has been a huge time and energy suck and that I’m not any closer to building an actual viable business. Scared that I missed moments with my daughter because I was so focused on this dream. Scared to fail.

My mistakes become glaring…like the box of unsold Crunchy Ts in my home office. It’s hard not to look back and think if only I had done X, Y, Z…

 It can only get better from here.

Marcus spoke on opening night of Denver Start Up Week. He is brilliant and honest and I was captivated. And I was relieved to know that taking risks, admitting mistakes and getting up over and over again is what defines an entrepreneur.

Now that you know all this about me, it can only get better.  I’m back at square one and asking each mom in the Denver Natural Mom community to tell me what she wants.  I want to provide what moms want, NOT what I think they want.

And I’m promising to be real. No matter how ugly the truth and no matter how uncomfortable that makes me.

Would you take the survey and tell me what would help you thrive in parenthood?

When she told me she was -working like Mommy-

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