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Bonding With Baby Before Birth

The Attachment PregnancyIf you are pregnant or contemplating a pregnancy, this is a CAN’T MISS interview.  Did you know that a mother’s thoughts and feelings create chemical signals that literally form her baby’s brain?


Only during pregnancy and the first few years of a child’s life can parents truly influence who their child will become, both emotionally and physically.


Laurel Wilson has so much experience working with pregnant, laboring and post-partum moms, as well as childbirth and lactation educators. She is the author of the recent book, Attachment Pregnancy. I asked her why she wrote a book that speaks directly to mothers. She talks about the distinct increase in stress she witnessed in pregnant moms, their difficulty in deep breathing and difficulty talking about their emotions.  She felt motivated to tell moms how to bond with their baby from the beginning of conception.

Minute 6 — Other pregnancy books list all the things that can potentially go wrong and can actually cause stress and anxiety for the moms who read them!  Attachment Pregnancy stands apart because it helps moms to trust their intuition, create positive change, and connect to their baby.

This is through the BOND which is the foundation of the book:

B – Being — Especially in early pregnancy, learning to be mindful.

O – Observing — Learn how to observe their world and their reactions. This is impacting their baby’s brain development!

N – Nutrition — Learn how to bring in nourishing food, behavior and relationships. Create balance and boundaries for parenting, even before baby arrives.

D – Deciding — During the 3rd trimester, learn how to make informed and connected decisions about birth, health care practitioners, partners, etc. to optimize not just late pregnancy but early parenting as well.

Minute 10 — When do you think your baby starts being aware of Mom’s thoughts? They are learning about the world they are going to be born into from a very early state of pregnancy.  Laurel introduces us to the idea of conscious attachment. Take time every day to be consciously connected to your baby.

Minute 14 — The science…what is epigenetics? Are we stuck with the DNA we got from our parents? Or can our environment really set the stage for our baby’s healthy or unhealthy epigenome, reading of their DNA?

Even major and mainstream health organization are acknowledging factors that influence our babies for better or worse like state of our stress levels, mom’s nutrition and sleep, and mom’s relationships!

Laurel acknowledges our lives have a certain amount of unavoidable stress. However, you can recover from a stressful event and she reminds us that parenting is a practice. We practice every day, let go of our missteps and move on.

Minute 25 — If you made it here, you probably did what I did and started taking deep breaths. This is something I have tried to think about each day since Laurel and I spoke. How do you unwind and get in the present moment?

Are you a birth professional looking to learn more about teaching moms how to bond? Check out Bond University, a course for educators to teach based on this book.

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