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Get Your Birth Door Checked

Mamas Shouldn’t Settle, Part 3 of 4. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Carrying and birthing babies is no small feat. It’s work for our muscles AND can change the bones too! Babies descend and they rotate on their way out.  What can be left afterward is a tight and twisted mess of fascia and scar tissue.  (Fascia is the fibrous tissue around muscles and organs and it can hold on to trauma.)

You have likely heard of physical therapists who focus on treating women with issues like painful intercourse or incontinence. And by all means, these are major challenges that can hold women back from normal and healthy lives. I am all about NOT SETTLING for a body that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to.

But you don’t have to pee your pants or hate sex after having babies to justify a visit to the physical therapist. Sometimes the symptoms are a lot more subtle. And that’s when it’s great to see a physical therapist who doesn’t just see women, but one who exclusively treats pregnant and postpartum women like Lynn Schulte.

The Birth Door

In this interview, Lynn explains how the pelvis and pelvic floor make up the Birth Door. We want that door to open up and then once the baby is here, it is supposed to close. Often times, Lynn finds that the door is still open! (That’s what she found was going on in my body, a few months after giving birth!)

Lynn will tell you not to wait until after your baby is born to get checked out. In fact, she prefers to see pregnant women because she can evaluate the Birth Door and often help women have an easier birth and then a faster recovery afterward.


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